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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The company is also selling Dzire and WagonR at half price from Auto / Maruti Alto, starting from Rs 1.40 lakh.

Second Hand Used Cheapest Maruti Swift Dzire To WagonR Selling Online Truevalue 
Everyone dreams of buying a car, but due to budget problems this dream of a common man cannot come true. If you also want to buy a car you can buy a car at a very low price. Maruti Suzuki not only sells new cars but also sells old cars using TrueValue. Currently selling cars like the Dzire and Wagon R on Truevalue's official website. The starting price of these cars is only Rs 1.40 lakh.

An entry level variant of the petrol version of Maruti's bestselling sedan Car Desire is available for sale on this website. According to the information given on the official website of TrueValue, this car is a model of 2016 and has run 1,50,232 km. It is being sold by its first owner. The car is priced at just Rs 2.30 lakh.
Maruti Eeco

The company's popular Erico van car is available for sale. According to the website, the 5-seater car is a 2016 model and has covered 61,982 km. The car is being sold by its previous owner. Along with this car, the company is also offering a one-year warranty and 3 free services. The car is priced at just Rs 2.99 lakh.

Maruti Wagon R

This is the cheapest car on the list. Maruti Wagon R is one of the best selling cars in the country. According to the website, the car is a 2010 model. It is being sold by its first owner. The car has traveled 85,000 kilometers so far. The car is priced at Rs 1.40 lakh.

Note: The value of the car given here is given according to the information on the official site of Truevalue. Before buying an old vehicle, it is necessary to get information about the condition and documentation of the car. Each of these cars is available for sale in Delhi.
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