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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Online Corona Warriors Slogan Writing Competition by Kanasagara College NSS


During the lockdown by the National Service Scheme (NSS) for two consecutive months, NSS Program Officer Dr. Among the various services under the leadership of Yashwant Goswami, the I Corona Warriors campaign sponsored by the Government of Gujarat has also been launched by Googlelock. Simultaneously, Corona Warriors Slogan Writing Competition is organized. There are 11 pledges in Google Link for those who want to be Cora's Warriors. Taking this pledge, he resigned as Corona Warriors. To do. Participants in the slogan writing competition below in a single link will have to give a maximum of two slogans in Gujarati, Hindi or English.

Special honors will be given to the first 11 winners by giving attractive shield, certificate and gift and gift voucher of Rs.1000. Anyone of any age group can participate in the competition. All the program officers of NSSA Sau. Kalaria and Drs. Requested by Yashwant Goswami. The link is open to students from elementary high school higher secondary and employees and individuals from any field.

In addition, NSS students are requested to take selfies with their grandparents and grandchildren and upload the mask with selfie in the link and if any service activity is done, upload a photo of it in the Google link. The last date to register and participate in the competition in Googlelink is 14th June. For links and special information from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Yashwant Goswami Mo. No. Asked to contact ૭૯૯૦૯ ૪૧૬૯૯
 Read in gujarati : click here

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