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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Learn how Lockdown 4.0 differs from Lockdown 4.0 - what exemptions are available and what are the restrictions

how Lockdown 4.0 differs from Lockdown 4.0 - what exemptions are available and what are the restrictions.

Coronavirus Lockdown 4.0: What to expect from May 18 | english ...

Lockdown tooth ceremonies begin Monday. Assuming, the time period will be until May 31st. Today's agricultural librarian women's guide Calendon may be revealed. The government refers to the government, not to the fourth officers with the area of ​​the Lok Sabha constituency and beyond.Coronavirus is on the rise every day in the country. So far 90887 cases of corona are ongoing. Part of the length of time is taken for the felato ravago of the transition.    

How different will Lockdown 4.0 be
- With Lockdown 4.0, there is talk that domestic flights may resume after May 19. However, flights will only start on selected routes. However, opposition to starting flights is being noted by some states. - Auto rickshaws and cab aggregators may be allowed with conditions. They may be allowed to carry two passengers. One person can be allowed to sit in an auto rickshaw.

- Some trains, including Labor Special, are running in Lockdown 3.0. But in Lockdown 4 it is decided that regular trains will not run.
- Restaurant and clothing stores may be allowed to open in Lockdown 4.0 with certain conditions. - There has been talk of giving exemptions to small shopkeepers and businessmen. So that the chain of demand and supply can resume.

Exemption from Lockdown 3.0 (May 4 to May 17)

- From 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening, people could rush on the road.

- A person over the age of 65, pregnant, any other sick person, children under the age of 10 could not leave the house.

- Schools, malls, gyms, sports, political, cultural, religious programs, hotels, restaurants were also not allowed.

- Private institutions were allowed to run offices with 33 per cent staff.

- Public Travels Metro, bus, rail, air, rickshaw were not allowed.

- Stationery, barber shop, spa and salon, hardware, electrical etc. were allowed in Green and Orange Zone except Red Zone with opening conditions.

- Two persons were allowed in four wheeler vehicles and one person in two wheeler vehicles except in the containment area.

- So 50 people in marriage and 20 people in death were allowed to come with social distance.

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