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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

India surpasses Corona crisis / Italy, now 4 countries have more active cases than us

India surpasses Corona crisis / Italy, now 4 countries have more active cases than us

The number of coronavirus positive cases in India is steadily increasing. The number of corona positive cases in India reached over 1.1 lakh on Wednesday. However, the relief in the midst of all this is that 45,000 corona patients have recovered. If we talk about the active cases of Corona in the country, we are ahead of Italy. Now there are only 4 countries in the world which are ahead of India in the active case of Corona virus.

A total of 1,11,750 cases of corona virus were detected in India as of 11.30 pm on Wednesday, according to the Worldometers website. An estimated 5,000 cases a day have been rising in India since last week.

According to the website, there are 62,894 active cases of corona in India. The day before, this was around 59,000. India has overtaken Italy and Peru in terms of active cases in the last two days. There are 62,752 active cases in Italy and 60,045 in Peru.

  • 32,000 people died in Italy

Of the total cases, 2.27 lakh are in Italy and 99,450 in Peru. The virus has killed 32,330 people in Italy. However, now it is less visible. So far, 1,32,282 people in Italy have recovered from the corona. In Peru, 2,914 people have died while an estimated 36,000 have recovered. Corona has claimed the lives of 3,400 people in India.
  • The situation in America is the worst

The situation in America is the worst in the world in terms of active cases. A total of 15.78 million people in the United States have contracted corona. Of which 11.19 lakh are still in active cases. An estimated 3.65 lakh people have recovered. Corona has killed an estimated 94,000 people in the United States so far.
  •  Russia is second and Brazil is third

Russia ranks second, Brazil third and France fourth in active cases. There are 2,20,341 active cases in Russia. There are 1,50,458 cases in Brazil and 90,224 in France. The US, Russia, Brazil and France are the only countries in the world with more active cases than India.


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