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Sunday, May 31, 2020

How To Change APL TO BPL CARD all details and how to Apply this


used to enhancea speech; for example, a well-trained speaker cthe questicns that you would like to ask : If the interviewer does not offer you
full information about tcommunication" means "to share" In general. communication is an
Cxchange of information, ideas, facts, opinions. beliefs. feelings & attitudes through
verbal or nonverbal. Communication is between two people or within a group of
"Communication is the process of passing information and understanding froe
one person to another."Keith Davis.
"Communication as any behaviour that results in an exchange of meaning
The American Management Association
Characteristics of communications are here:
(1) Two or More Persons:
The first important characteristic of communication is that there must be a minimum
number of two persons because no single individual can have an exchange of ideas
with himself. A listener is necessary to receive one's ideas. Therefore, there must be at
least two persons-the sender of information and the receiver.
(2) Exchange of Ideaso jstoR
Communication cannot be thought of in the absence of exchange of ideas. In order to
complete the process of communication there must be an
exchange of ideas, orders,
feelings, etc., among two or more than two persons.
(3) Mutual Understanding:
Mutual understanding means that the receiver should receive the information in the
same spirit with which it is being given. In the processS of communication, it is more
important to understand the information rather than carry it out
(4) Direct and Indirect Communication:
It is not necessary in communiche company and the must ask questions to gain this information.
Prepare these questions in advance. These questions might relate to formal or informal training,
promotional avenues, fringe benefits, etc.
The points that we just noted are practical tips to be prepared specifically for an interview in a
particular Company. But there are a lot of other points as well that should be kept in mnind before one
goes for an interview .Let us take the candidate's preparation from all angles
(a) Physical preparation
() The candidate is expected to be properly groomed and formally dressed.It is very important to
have clean and well cut nails,properly combed hair and good personal hygiene.Clean and well fitting
clothes,matching footwear,and a suitable hand-bag or briefcase are the normal requirements of formal
(i) The posture and the way a candidate carries himselfíherself to the interview room is very
important.If a candidate finds his/her posture to be poor,then with a practice it must be improved
upon. The way a candidates stands,walks,or sits tells a lot about his personality.Self
confidence,nervousness or over confidence are all reflected in the posture of the candidate.
Hence.body movements should be carefully noted and care should be taken to stop any bad habitual
(im) Good manners and conduct are necessary The candidate must know what is the suitable
greeting for the time of the day Indian style greeting of "namaste" is acceptable if the company' is
Indian and an use gesture, facial expression
and posture to enrich the meaning of words A large part of body language is unintentional and
unconscious. It occurs through visual appearances and sounds related to us and around us. Personal
appearance, colurs used in clothing and in decorating our homes and offces, stationery being used,
the grip of our handshake - all communicate infornation about us
The old proverb-"People

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  1. Hello i have apl card and transfer the bpl card soo how is the process and how apply give me information


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