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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 23-5-2020

Two more people have been killed in the Rajkot city lockdown. The lockdown has been the reason for the death of an old man living in Laxmiwadi of Rajkot and a young tailor of New Sagar Society. The police investigation has revealed that the old man was fed up with staying in the house continuously and the young man did not get tailor's wages despite opening the lockdown.

For four or five days, the old man kept asking the people of the house, when will the lockdown open? Now I'm bored

Arrerati has spread in the family after a Kardia Rajput old man named Becharbhai Jivabhai Solanki (U.72) living in Laxmiwadi Quarter No. 17 Block No. 3 of Rajkot committed suicide by tying a TV cable to the roof hook of his house. Police have taken necessary action and moved the body for postmortem. The police investigation has revealed that Becharbhai, who committed suicide, was the eldest of four brothers and two sisters. The offspring includes two sons and three daughters. Becharbhai had earlier undergone leg surgery. He was fed up with having to stay home all the time because of the lockdown. For four or five days, they kept asking the people of the house, when will the lockdown open? As well as now I'm bored. They were repeating that. In the meantime at night he had taken the final step. The incident caused grief among the relatives.

The tailor committed suicide by eating poisonous pills to keep the young man late at night
In another incident, a young tailor named Nileshbhai Hasmukhbhai Sanchala (U.35), a resident of Kotharia Road, New Sagar Society, Rajkot, was shifted to a civil hospital after consuming poisonous wheat pellets late at night. Where he died during treatment. So a fantasy has been created in the family. Ramsinhbhai Varu of the hospital outpost informed the Bhaktinagar police.

The youth took the final step as the economic downturn caused by the lockdown
The police investigation has revealed that Nileshbhai, who committed suicide, was the younger of two brothers and unmarried. He lived with his family including mother Jaswantiben, father Hasmukhbhai Prabhudas Sanchala and brother and was staying at DN Road, Dharmendra Road. A tailor by the name of Taylors was doing retail work of repairing readymade garments in a rental shop. The lockdown caused economic hardship and he took poisonous drugs as he was fed up with not being able to work even after opening. Said his relatives. In both the incidents, ASI Narendrabhai Bhadrecha (Kharwa) of Bhakitnagar took necessary action.



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