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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Gujarat corona update date 21-5-2020

According to the corporation, the total number of positive cases in the city district has reached 1239. With this, the total death toll of Corona in the city district has risen to 56. Another 39 patients were discharged after beating the corona yesterday. So far, a total of 823 patients in the city district have recovered by beating the corona. The newly registered positive cases include two doctors from Varachha area, two police personnel, a milk seller, two teachers as well as a security guard and a showroom employee, while 247 crore positive patients are being treated in the isolation ward of the new civil hospital. Of those, 44 patients are in critical condition. With 1-ventilator, 18-beep and 25 patients on oxygen, the team of doctors is struggling.

In Begumpura, a milk seller contracted corona
Raishabibi Syed Rafiq (50), a resident of Begumpura, is a milk seller. It is being speculated that they may have been infected by a customer while selling milk.
Two doctors living in the same society in Varachha became infected
Two doctors living in the same society in Varachha area have contracted corona. Dr. Okishore ‌Vithalbhai Patel (43), a resident of Vitthal Nagar Society near Varachha Hirabag, is an ortho surgeon and runs a private clinic in a small area of ​​Varachha. He was tested for suspicious symptoms of corona. Which came positive on Wednesday. Similarly, Dr. living at Vitthal Nagar. બેનKiranben િKishorebhai Dudhat (42) is a dentist. He was also examined for suspicious symptoms. In which his report has come positive.

Two more police personnel on duty in the lockdown are positive
Two more police officers on duty during the lockdown have rushed to Corona. A.K. Jitendragiri Narayangiri Goswami (56), a resident of Road Deenbandhu Society, is on duty at Limbayat police station. He was currently on duty in the lockdown. He was meanwhile reported to have symptoms of corona. Which came positive on Wednesday. Similarly, Mahendra Jagat Bahadur Yadav (27), a resident of Pandesara Shriram Nagar, was on duty in a PCR van in BRC area of ​​Udha. He also tested positive for corona symptoms.




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