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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Gujarat Common Entrance Test ( Gujcet ) Exam date declared

Gujcet 2020 Exam Press note Declared

Gujarat Common Entrance Test ( Gujcet )

Gujcet 2020 Exam Date : 30/7/2020

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The list of Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar states that, for admission of science stream students of higher secondary department, to get admission in degree engineering, degree / diploma pharmacy courses in Gujkat-2020 exam, 4 in G-A, 2 in Gup-8,  A total of 1,8,91 students were to appear in 215 and 4M in Group AB, said Gujarat Common Entrance Test (Gujkat).  ) - Examination of 2020 was fixed on Tuesday 21/04/2050.  But due to the situation of covid-19, Gujkat examination-2020 was postponed in the interest of the students.  Gujkat-2020 examination will be held on 30/09/2050 on Thursday.  The school principals / parents and students should take note.

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Gujcet 2020 Exam Press note Declared

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