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Monday, May 25, 2020

Ganpat University started a new course

  Ganpat University started a new course

The course will start online with a batch of 100 students from Thursday. It will be taught for free. The course, which will be started in collaboration with TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), is called Pre-Master Bridge Course. Which will be launched online from this Thursday. The course will be taught free of cost to give new opportunities to the students who want to make their career in business field and more students can join.

In the last week alone, 70 students have registered. However, 100 students will study in one batch.
Everything you want to know about this free course

  • What will be the qualification?
Students graduating from any stream will be able to do this course. There is no age limit. Will be taught daily from 11.30 to 1.30.
  • How to get admission?
Registration has to be done by going to the Google link of Ganpat's website and its Facebook page. Admission will be done on the basis of eligible criteria.
  • What will be taught in a week? Who will teach What are the critical success factors of self-reliant India, how to promote business opportunity, online platform through business idea, how to improve work even in work from home, value of creation, business model canvas, project and hand.
  • What can this course as well as the certificate do?
    Wants to start his own business, his skills will improve, new business ideas will be given from here. Along with the certificate startup, entrepreneurship as well as internships related to this field.
 For Read above all details in gujarati : click here

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