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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Crisis / Now the Sun's Lockdown Begins: Scientists now fear these natural disasters amid the Corona crisis

 Scientists have given a new information about the sun. According to scientists, the sun has also gone into lockdown. It has raised fears of cold, earthquakes and drought.

 sun has gone into a period of lockdown, know why

  •  Knock knocked out one more disaster amid the Corona disaster
  •  Now start the lockdown of the sun
  •     Big warning given by scientists

The period when the sun goes into lockdown is known as the Scientific Solar Minimum. During this time, activity on the sun's surface is surprisingly low. Experts are saying that we are going to the stage where there will be a terrible decline in the sun's rays. This will be a record-level recession, in which the sunspot will disappear completely.

  • A more serious event than in previous centuries

"We are moving towards a solar minimum and this time it is going to be very serious," said astronomer Dr Tony Phillips, according to a report in The Sun. "This is going to be the most serious thing of all time," Sunspot said.
As the chances of lightning increase, the sun's magnetic field becomes very weak. Which makes the solar system more affected.

Tony Phillips further said that excessive cosmic ray astronauts are very dangerous to health. This affects the electrochemistry of the Earth's upper atmosphere. This increases the chances of lightning strikes.

  • Such an event took place between 1790 and 1830

NASA scientists have expressed concern that this could be like the Dalton minimum. Dalton Minimum came between 1790 and 1830. During this time it was very cold, crops were severely damaged and there were droughts and volcanic eruptions.

  • Food crisis looms around the world

 During this period, temperatures rose to 2 Celsius in 20 years, causing a food crisis for the world. On April 10, 1815, the second largest volcano in 2000 years erupted. It killed at least 71,000 people in Indonesia.

Similarly in 1816 there was no heat. About 1,800 people died of the cold this year. Meanwhile, it snowed in July. The sun has been blinking this year and the sun has not been seen in 76 percent of the time during this time. Last year it was 77 percent.

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