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Sunday, May 31, 2020


Empowerment Scheme (SHG) with the support of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (NABARD).
Name of the Scheme This scheme will also be known as "Sakhi Mandal" Self Help Group / SHG and will be implemented in rural areas of the entire state. The duration of the scheme will be from the date of this resolution to the first phase up to 31/1/2010. The scheme will be run by the Integrated Child Development Program (ICDS)

The schemes formed under the scheme will be known as Self Help Groups / SHGs.

This scheme has been implemented in the rural area since 2/2/2007. And it will be implemented till 31st, 2010. Whose duration 03/11/2011 Soghi and then Shoghi will be in effect where the decision is made.
The scheme will be run by the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS).
If the rural poor families are organized in groups and adopt a savings and internal financing approach, their macroeconomic needs can be satisfied.

Organize self-help groups to enable them to provide skill enhancement training, provide internal infrastructure, connect with economic activity, and connect with a revolving funds, bank financing.

With the cooperation of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank, a new approach to empowering self-help groups and empower them to engage with bank linkages as a campaign.
Planning Strategy.
NABARD will prepare the consultation with the Rural Development Department for the preparation of necessary data and pamphlets regarding the identification of existing self-help groups, bank linkage, etc.Under this scheme, different types of training will be provided to the members of the committee.
Group Dynamic
Conflict resolution
Leadership Development
Bookkeeping training
Training for economic activity
Under this scheme, incentives are available to Anganwadi workers, ACDPOs, supervisors and CDPOs.
Revolving Fund
The fund constituted under this scheme will be eligible for receiving a revolving fund grant of Rs.5000 / - (at least Rs.

The role of Anganwadi workers, CDPOs, supervisors, banks, lead district managers, voluntary organizations, and NABARD has been decided under the scheme.
The following committees have been constituted under the scheme
District Committee

Member Secretary
Under this scheme, the process of printing the iCard is in progress for issuing the iCard to every member of the congregation.
Sakhi Mandal Planning Guide.
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How To Change APL TO BPL CARD all details and how to Apply this


used to enhancea speech; for example, a well-trained speaker cthe questicns that you would like to ask : If the interviewer does not offer you
full information about tcommunication" means "to share" In general. communication is an
Cxchange of information, ideas, facts, opinions. beliefs. feelings & attitudes through
verbal or nonverbal. Communication is between two people or within a group of
"Communication is the process of passing information and understanding froe
one person to another."Keith Davis.
"Communication as any behaviour that results in an exchange of meaning
The American Management Association
Characteristics of communications are here:
(1) Two or More Persons:
The first important characteristic of communication is that there must be a minimum
number of two persons because no single individual can have an exchange of ideas
with himself. A listener is necessary to receive one's ideas. Therefore, there must be at
least two persons-the sender of information and the receiver.
(2) Exchange of Ideaso jstoR
Communication cannot be thought of in the absence of exchange of ideas. In order to
complete the process of communication there must be an
exchange of ideas, orders,
feelings, etc., among two or more than two persons.
(3) Mutual Understanding:
Mutual understanding means that the receiver should receive the information in the
same spirit with which it is being given. In the processS of communication, it is more
important to understand the information rather than carry it out
(4) Direct and Indirect Communication:
It is not necessary in communiche company and the must ask questions to gain this information.
Prepare these questions in advance. These questions might relate to formal or informal training,
promotional avenues, fringe benefits, etc.
The points that we just noted are practical tips to be prepared specifically for an interview in a
particular Company. But there are a lot of other points as well that should be kept in mnind before one
goes for an interview .Let us take the candidate's preparation from all angles
(a) Physical preparation
() The candidate is expected to be properly groomed and formally dressed.It is very important to
have clean and well cut nails,properly combed hair and good personal hygiene.Clean and well fitting
clothes,matching footwear,and a suitable hand-bag or briefcase are the normal requirements of formal
(i) The posture and the way a candidate carries himselfíherself to the interview room is very
important.If a candidate finds his/her posture to be poor,then with a practice it must be improved
upon. The way a candidates stands,walks,or sits tells a lot about his personality.Self
confidence,nervousness or over confidence are all reflected in the posture of the candidate.
Hence.body movements should be carefully noted and care should be taken to stop any bad habitual
(im) Good manners and conduct are necessary The candidate must know what is the suitable
greeting for the time of the day Indian style greeting of "namaste" is acceptable if the company' is
Indian and an use gesture, facial expression
and posture to enrich the meaning of words A large part of body language is unintentional and
unconscious. It occurs through visual appearances and sounds related to us and around us. Personal
appearance, colurs used in clothing and in decorating our homes and offces, stationery being used,
the grip of our handshake - all communicate infornation about us
The old proverb-"People

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The loan repayment deadline was extended to 31 August, Types of agricultural loans

An important decision in the interest of the farmers of the state

- The deadline for repaying loans to farmers has been extended for another 3 months to August 31, 2020, following a presentation by the state government.

Agricultural loans are available for farming purposes. Farmers can apply for loans for cultivation of cereals as well as purchase of equipment for occupations such as horticulture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture. There are also special loans for purchasing agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters and trucks. Loans can also be taken for construction of biogas plants and irrigation systems as well as purchase of agricultural land. Here is some information about agricultural credit and loans provided by us.

 kishan loan


Farm Storage Facility Loans (FSFL) give you farm-storage facility for your crops and products. Storage of wheat, barley, rice, soybean, groundnut, oilseeds, lentils, peas, hay, biomass, fruits and vegetables.

Farm operating loans

Operating loans help farmers with day-to-day needs or expansion needs. They come in direct and indirect options. Indirect loans are provided by a private lender but can be guaranteed by the FSA. This loan is more guaranteed, up to 95% of the indirect loan amount. Private loans can be taken due to other circumstances.

Farm ownership loans

Like operational loans, proprietary loans offered by FSA come in the form of guaranteed and direct loans. It has the same interest rate as an operating loan. This money is needed directly to buy land, livestock, crops or machinery, which is needed to acquire ownership of a farm for commercial production. In addition to the credit requirement the farm owner must have experience in the farming industry to promise the successful operation of a new business.

Fisheries Finance Program::

Designed for specific fishing projects suitable under this program. 80% of which are eligible for credit. This loan program is designed to refinance private debt on a fishing vessel or to provide maintenance and repairs on an existing vessel.

Farm labor housing::

In which U.S. Provides loans and grants through the Department of Housing and Rural Development's Rural Housing Initiative. The program provides capital for housing construction or relocation for rural agricultural workers. The program aims to simplify housing facilities, and may include the replacement or repair of furniture in housing structures.

In addition, these loans or grants can be extended to large farming projects.
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WFVS: Upload Full Whatsapp Video Status

WhatsApp Full Video Status & Status Saver - Downloader its 3in1 Application. (1) Set long video on WhatsApp status ( Split full video in 30-30 Seconds and set all part in WhatsApp status in 1 click (2) Save Status and share (3) Convert Video status into MP3 and set as ringtone. Let you Download Video, images and Gif of whatsapp Accounts. Many of your whatsapp friends set nice status but whatsapp doesn't offer a function to Save it. But the WFVS app allows you to Download/ Save whatsapp status.


This app offers you another fantastic function with this app you can set long video as Whatsapp status of your account. Your long video Stories cute in 30 seconds and Send all stories in your Whatsapp Status makes it more interesting.

You can set any Long video of your mobile as your long Whatsapp status by just one click. It is a specialty of this App. Now you don't need to find 30 seconds video. You can set your favorite song or whole video as your Whatsapp status.

=>How to Work Whatsapp Full Video Status:

Android Application Description of WFVS App.

<=> Set Full Video Status
->  Click on the play button - You will see videos saved in your mobile.
->  Click on selected video, the video will play
-> Click on the share button.
- You will be able to share video on Whatsapp.
Status and most amazing the video will be automatically split in 30 seconds and Full Video will be set as your whatsapp status. Wow So Nice...
<=> Status downloader
->  You can Save whatsapp status set by your Whatsapp friends.
->  You can also share it as your whatsapp status and Saver in Your Mobile.
->  For your facility, the status of your friends have been decided in two Section.

-> From here you can see and Save videos of your friend’s Whatsapp status. You can also set it as your status.
(2) Image
-> From here you can see and save images set by your friends as whatsapp status. you can also share it.
Friends after lots of research and tireless efforts, This app has been made for you. So I hope you and your friends will use this app and make whatsapp more exciting.
<=> Audio converter
-> See all list Video Status convert into MP3.
-> You can share, set as ringtone and delete.

<=> Downloads
-> See all Downloads video and image here.
-> You can share, set as a Whtasapp Status and delete it.

Now you can 3 Works in 1 Android application.

1) Set Full Video in Whatsapp Status.
2) Status Downloader / Status Saver 2018
3) Convert your favorite Video Status into MP3 and set it as a mobile ringtone.

 "Best app for wa tweaks or wa tweak for whatsapp status."
Do you like it?  Don't forget to give this app 5 Stars and a Nice comment for this app. Your comment is "motivation" for as.

Google Play Download WFVS 
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One Nation One Card: A wonderful system for the poor from tomorrow, 670 million people will benefit

One National One Card system is going to be launched across the country on Monday. The scheme, which is being launched in 20 states, will mainly benefit 670 million poor people. Due to the Central Government's One Nation One Ration Card Scheme, rations can be taken from any state other than the original state. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman mentioned this while announcing the economic package.

One Nation One Code will begin

The One Nation One Card scheme will be fully implemented from June 1 for ration cards across the country. The benefit of this scheme is that the ration card made in any state can be used to buy rations in another state as well. It will benefit the poor a lot. Ration card holders will get five kg of rice at Rs 3 per kg and wheat at Rs 2 per kg. The card will be issued in two languages, local language and Hindi or English.

The finance minister said those who do not have a ration card or any other card will also be given 5 kg of wheat, rice and 1 kg of chickpeas. 8 crore migrant workers will benefit from it. It will cost Rs 3500 crore. It will be implemented by the state government. States have information on these workers. The fixed procedure will continue for the next two months.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

- The biggest beneficiaries of the scheme will be the poor.
- Tourists shifting from one place to another will get benefit
- Fake ration card can be prevented
- All ration cards will be linked to Aadhaar with Aadhaar card and distribution of foodgrains through Point of Sale, PoS will be started soon.
- 85% Aadhaar card is connected to point of sale machine.
- 100 percent POS machines have been installed in 22 states.

What is the whole scheme

The scheme will no longer be closed to the general public with any PDS shop and will reduce reliance on shop owners and reduce corruption. With this scheme, the government will facilitate full portability by creating a central repository for all Rashcards and linking them to Aadhaar. It will make it easier for people as they will not be compelled to shop with any one ration shop.

Any citizen of India can apply for ration card

Any citizen of India can apply for this ration card. Children under the age of 18 will be attached to their parents' ration card. These ration card holders will get 5 kg of rice at the rate of Rs 3 and kg of wheat at the rate of Rs 2.

How to apply online for ration card

First you have to go to the official website of your state's food and logistics department.
Here you have to choose your language
Then some personal information like name of district, name of area, some personal information like gram panchayat will have to be given.
Now you have to choose the type of card (APL / BPL / Antodaya)
As you proceed, you will be asked for a lot of information such as the name of your family head, Aadhaar card number, Water ID, Bank account number, Mobile number, etc.

read zee 24 kalak and divya bhaskar news report::

go official site from here
After filling in all the information, at the end you have to click the submit button and in addition you have to have a print.
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Download True Caller App

Know who's calling before answering: caller ID, spam protection & call blocking Manage all your calls and messages quickly, by filte...