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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Secret of whatsApp message

Anyone can read your WhatsApp message, be careful with this
 You need to be careful if you are using the instant messaging app WhatsApp.  Yes, now a stranger can read your WhatsApp personal message.  According to the report, a new WhatsApp bug has surfaced.  Private messages are being read by strangers because of this WhatsApp bug.  This is not a virus or a scam.

 Information about this was provided by WhatsApp users via Twitter.  According to WhatsApp users, private messages and photos from other users are coming to WhatsApp.  However, even before this, some whatsapp bugs have been exposed due to the constant attack of viruses.

 However, the error was first reported by Amazon official Abby Fuller through her Twitter account.  Fuller tweeted that when he logged in with his number on the new device, every WhatsApp message and photo of the old users started appearing which should not be.  This means that anyone who has your old number can easily access your personal message.  Also, Fuller tweeted another saying that I don't know how many times this has happened.  This is neither a second hand device nor any other SIM card.

 WhatsApp also warned before this

 Let them know that WhatsApp has previously warned people that if you do not want to use your old number, transfer the old WhatsApp account to the new WhatsApp account.  WhatsApp provided such information on its official website.  Doing so allows you to transfer your account details to a new number.

 Transfer data before changing WhatsApp number:

 They may know that telecom companies are recycling old numbers that are unusable.  So if you are planning to turn off or close your old number, transfer WhatsApp WhatsApp data from the old number to the new one.  So if your old number goes to a stranger after being recycled, your private WhatsApp WhatsApp data is safe.
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Things to know about Ahmedabad Metro

The 6km route will begin in April from Metro Apparel to Apparel Park.

 The second phase will start from Vishala Hotel to Paldi

 Exercise to run its trial by April

 The entire metro city is planned to be operational by 2020

 BRTS and AMT will also connect to the metro station

 BRTS will connect with metro stations in seven locations

 It plans to connect GSRTC with Metro in 3 places

 There are plans to connect the metro to the railway station in three places

 Metro is planned to connect Kalupur Railway Station, Gandhigram Railway Station and Sabarmati Railway Station.

 Passengers can plan a ride on the subway without delay

 Plans for an easily accessible metro at a train station

 After the trial, ticket prices will be set for different routes

 Excellent planning will be done to protect the metro

 Special arrangements will be made to deal with an unexpected event and to solve other problems

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India's first films

 First Film * Raja Harishchandra * (1913)

 The first lying film

 * Alam Ara * (1931)

 The first color film

 * Kishan Kanaiya * 1937

 - Gujarati Movies

 The first movie

 * Narasimha Mehta * (1932)

 (Also speaking)

 The first color film

 * Liludi Earth * (1968)
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