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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Current Question

.#SEPTEMBER Current Quiz

 Which country will give India 5 million yups soft loan for Clean Ganga Mission?


 The Ganga Book Project was administered in a state government school.

 Uttar Pradesh
 Madhya Pradesh

 Adwa Tiger Reserve has launched a toll-free number to tackle human-animal conflicts.


 Indian Railways had contracted with which gas to use natural gas in the Aarelways workshop.


 A mill branch program was organized in one state.

 Andhra Pradesh
 Madhya Pradesh
 Uttar Pradesh

 The country's first state to announce student startups and innovation policies?


 In which state is the Ajodhwathar immigration point located?


 Donald Trump leaves which of the following organizations?


 The answer is all

 Will one bank adopt 4 flood-hit villages?


 The Essingfun Wildlife Sanctuary is currently declared a reserve for which animal?


 In which state is the Essenfun Wildlife Sanctuary located?

 Arunachal Pradesh

 Become an Elephant Reserve in Oklahoma?


 Eco Budapest Wins Gold in Organized World Youth Boxing Competition?

 Mary Com
 Witness Chowdhury
 Witness Malik
 Deepika Chowdhury

 How many non-resident Gujarati cards have been issued in Gujarat?


 From which state did Apindra Thakur village become a fully digital digital village?

 Uttar Pradesh✅

 Where has the State Bank of India revoked the Bhilwara Government Bank License?


 Who has not been given the Indian Humanitarian Development Award by Daily Bharat Media?

 Shah's Azmi
 Nandita Das
 Yuvraj Singh
 Anupam Kher

 In which state after Uttar Pradesh, the central government will launch a district, productive scheme.


 For which river did IWAI design India's first standard modern ship?


 World Coconut Day?

 September 3rd
 September 3rd
 September 3rd
 September 3rd

 Which country will partner with the Gujarat government for the Vibrant Gujarat Summit?


 7 year old National Museum in the country caught fire?

 South Africa

 Who has been honored with the Sony Yee Award?

 Sania Mirza
 PV Indus
 Sai Nehwal
 Manu bread

 Which country and India signed OM laundering and environmental protection agreements?


 With which sport did sportsman Arthur Pereira currently die?

 Tnis nis
 Table tennis
 Golf course

 Has a bank launched its e-facility for Army Giants in Bengal?


 In which state was the inauguration of a 5 kW transmitter by All India Radio?

 Jammu and Kashmir

 Did the ministry ask the media to use the term scheduled caste instead of the word Dalit?

 Policy Commission
 Foreign Ministry
 Ministry of Scheduled Caste Tribes
 Ministry of Information Broadcasting

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