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Friday, October 19, 2018

Something about Sabarkantha


 Deer Dam has been built on the Harnav river near Khedbrahma and Guhai dam on the Guai river.

 Old name of Ahimatnagar
 ^ Ahmadnagar

 Ahmad Ahmadnagar (Himmatnagar)
 Nasir Nasiruddin Ahmed Shah ()

 From Ahmad Ahmadnagar, the name Himmatnagar falls
 Kun by the name of Kunwar Himmat Singh

 Ahmednagar is on the banks of which river?
 . Shaking

 A field known for Mas masonry
 👉🏿 Arsodia (Eder)

 🎯 Cancer passes
 From the province

 Rad passes slowly
 Himmatnagar and from the province

 ^ India's first enameled hostel

 Brahmaji Temple other than Pushkar of Rajasthan Rajasthan
 Hed Khedbrahma

 The Temple of the Seven Goddesses of the Brahmins

 A place where 2 inscriptions were found
 4 heads

 🎯 Saber Dairy
Himmatnagar (Founder - Bholabhai Patel)

 City Known for toys

 . The river that forms the boundary between Sabarkantha and Banaskantha
 👉🏿 Sabarmati

 . A city on the banks of the river Sabarmati
 3 weeks

 The river that forms the boundary between Sabarkantha and Mehsana
 👉🏿 Sabarmati

 Clay is the largest masonry clay volume
 ખાતે At Arsodia and Ekrala in Der

 Id is a part of which lake in Idar Mountain?
 Ara Aravalli

 Who was posted at Rajmahal, Jama Masjid, Kajiwav Himmatnagar
 General Chat Chat Lounge  Ahmed Shah

 Cupid University
 Him in Himmatnagar

 Known for 2 lakhs and lathe work

 🎯 Picture - Fantastic match, Glad match
 3 poses marks in Bhakri village

 The country's first digital village

 India The only ancient bird temple in India
 Him Risingpura, near Himmatnagar

 Ul Gulzarilal Nanda, India's first acting Prime Minister, was elected from the Sabarkantha seat.

 Great people born in Sabarkantha

 - Umashankar Joshi-Bam, Eder
 - Pannalal Patel-Mandali
 - Upendra Trivedi-Kukadia, ed
 - Arvind Trivedi-Kukadia, ed
 - Sentry Jasangbapu - Gunthiol, Eder

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