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Friday, October 19, 2018

Something about Sabarkantha


 Deer Dam has been built on the Harnav river near Khedbrahma and Guhai dam on the Guai river.

 Old name of Ahimatnagar
 ^ Ahmadnagar

 Ahmad Ahmadnagar (Himmatnagar)
 Nasir Nasiruddin Ahmed Shah ()

 From Ahmad Ahmadnagar, the name Himmatnagar falls
 Kun by the name of Kunwar Himmat Singh

 Ahmednagar is on the banks of which river?
 . Shaking

 A field known for Mas masonry
 👉🏿 Arsodia (Eder)

 🎯 Cancer passes
 From the province

 Rad passes slowly
 Himmatnagar and from the province

 ^ India's first enameled hostel

 Brahmaji Temple other than Pushkar of Rajasthan Rajasthan
 Hed Khedbrahma

 The Temple of the Seven Goddesses of the Brahmins

 A place where 2 inscriptions were found
 4 heads

 🎯 Saber Dairy
Himmatnagar (Founder - Bholabhai Patel)

 City Known for toys

 . The river that forms the boundary between Sabarkantha and Banaskantha
 👉🏿 Sabarmati

 . A city on the banks of the river Sabarmati
 3 weeks

 The river that forms the boundary between Sabarkantha and Mehsana
 👉🏿 Sabarmati

 Clay is the largest masonry clay volume
 ખાતે At Arsodia and Ekrala in Der

 Id is a part of which lake in Idar Mountain?
 Ara Aravalli

 Who was posted at Rajmahal, Jama Masjid, Kajiwav Himmatnagar
 General Chat Chat Lounge  Ahmed Shah

 Cupid University
 Him in Himmatnagar

 Known for 2 lakhs and lathe work

 🎯 Picture - Fantastic match, Glad match
 3 poses marks in Bhakri village

 The country's first digital village

 India The only ancient bird temple in India
 Him Risingpura, near Himmatnagar

 Ul Gulzarilal Nanda, India's first acting Prime Minister, was elected from the Sabarkantha seat.

 Great people born in Sabarkantha

 - Umashankar Joshi-Bam, Eder
 - Pannalal Patel-Mandali
 - Upendra Trivedi-Kukadia, ed
 - Arvind Trivedi-Kukadia, ed
 - Sentry Jasangbapu - Gunthiol, Eder
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Monday, October 8, 2018


 ૧૮૭૬ ૧૮૭૬: For the first time over the telephone, there were two ways to communicate via a wire-out.

 The famous revolutionary Che Guevara is assassinated.

૨૦૦૬ ૨૦૦૬: Google announces its acquisition on YouTube

૨૦૦૫ ૨૦૦૫: The launch of the European satellite 'Creosote' failed.

Malala, who plays an important role in promoting girls' education, was shot by the Taliban while studying in school.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

General knowledge

Foreign Company and its Year of Establishment

1. Portuguese East India Company? 
2. British East India Company?  *
3. Dutch East India Company?  *
4. Danish East Company? 
5. French East India Company?  *
6. Swedish East India Company?  *
 Step-by-step in the real world *
Rh (Rhinoceros) Day 22 September
 World 🦁 Line Day 10 Aug Gust
World ^ Tiger Day 2222 August Gust
 World Elephant Day 12 August
 Bengal Nawab defeated the British in the Battle of Apalasi?
* Siraj ud Daula *
 English Will English bureaucrats become governor general through the implementation of regulation?
War * Warren Hastings *

 M Tiger of Mysore ...

 1 * Tipu Sultan *

 English Governor-General in English who implemented Aid Scheme in India ...

 3 * Wellesley *

 Which plan was similar to salt poisoning?

 * * Wellesley Assistance Plan *

 Afirangi headquarters?

 Goa *

 How did the Animak Act come into force?

 1 * 1773 *

 When was the first Maratha uprising?

 1 * 1775 *

 According to what language does Tipu mean a tiger?

 * * Kannada *

 The Gateway to the Glass Temple is Finished?

 3 * Tipu *

 'Founder of English power?

 Robert Clive

 "The Marathas tell the British," My, you and the whole enemy of India is British "??

 👉🏿 * Tipusultan *

 How many years did Queen Elizabeth of England grant the East India Company a license to trade in India?

 * * For fifteen years *

 * Also share with other friends * 1


 185 * The motto of the freedom struggle of 1857 *


 3 * Brave Shah Zafar *

 🎯 Kanpur

 * * Sir *


 * * Kunwar Singh *


 Laxmibai of Viranga *


 What organization was doing social and religious reforms in Bengal?

 Cos * Universe *

 Which organization was doing social and religious reforms in Maharashtra?

 Prayer * Prayer Community *

 What organization was doing social and religious reforms in Bengal?

 Cos * Universe *

 The founder of the BrahMos?

 * * Raja Rammohanarai *

 Where in the world is a Brahmin Samaj called?

 In * Intimate Meeting *

 Which organization was doing social and religious reforms in Maharashtra?

 Prayer * Prayer Community *

 'Who founded the prayer society?

 Justice * Judge Ranade, Dr. Atmarang Pandurang and Ramakrishna Bhandarkar *

 The orphanage of the orphanage in Pantharpur was founded by which organization?

 Prayer * Prayer Community *

 W "Widow Marriage Board" and founder of Deccan Education Society in Poona?

 Justice * Judge Ranade *

 The founder of an organization called SevaSadan in Poona?

 * * Ramabai (Ranade's wife) *

 Whose efforts led to the resurrection of the widow?

 * Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar *


 Return to the * Vedas * Sutras

 3 * Swami Dayanand Saraswati *

 Original name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

 * * Original Shankar Karsandas Trivadi *

 Founder of Arya Samaj?

 3 * Swami Dayanand Saraswati *

 Which monastery was founded by Swami Vivekananda?

 👉🏿 * Bengaluru in Bangalore *

 🎯 Swami Vivekananda died at the age of 10?

 👉🏿 * At the age of 39

 🎯 Raja Ram Mohanarai
 ★ * Brahman Samaj *
 Social * Social and Religious Reform *

 General Chat Chat Lounge  Justice Ranade
 Prayer * Prayer Community *
 Social * Social Religious Reform *

 Swami Swami Dayanand Saraswati
 ★ * Arya Samaj *
 Social * Social Religious Reform *

 ^ Swami Vivekananda
 Rama * Ramakrishna Mission *
 Social * Social Religious Reform *

 When did the University Act pass?

 Bharat * Bharat Seva Sangh *

 Who was the founder of the Hindu National Assembly?

 Alan Hume *

 British leaders ...

 👉🏿 * jahal *

 Where is the first session of the Indian National Assembly held?

 Mumbai * Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit Library in Mumbai *

 * * What is Girimiya?  *

 Hindus going to South Africa after getting 5 years contract from illiterate and lanky Hindi workers ........

 🏅 * Textbook Quiz * 🏅

 🎯 * Standard -10 *
 Sub * Subject: Gujarati Literature and Grammar *

 Happiness * Who is the author of 'The Companion to Happiness and the Universe'?  *

 A. Kainilal Munshi
 * B.Pannalal Patel * 1
 C. Ravji Patel
 D.Gaurishankar Joshi

 Give the title of the word 'Pallu'.

 A murmur
 * B. Destruction * 1
 D.  Cloud

 * * * Who is an Afternoon Epic?  *

 * a.  Raoji Chhotalal Patel * 1
 B. Ashok Pitabar Chowda
 C. Vinod Hargovindadas Joshi
 D.  See Umashankar Jethalal

 * * Which of the following is wrong about Ravji Patwe, known as an agricultural poet?  *

 A. Ravji Patel was born in Vallavapura village near Dakor.

 B.  'Personal' is his only anthology.  And 'instinct and story'.

 He died prematurely at the age of C.27.

 D.  'Tearful' and 'Zanza' are two notable novels.

 * E.  All of the above sentences are true * 1.

 Find the * misspellings.  *

 a.  Jeez .Asu
 B. Vibhuti
 * De Camp * 1

 Aschi Spelling: - * camp *

 Amit * Describe the birthplace of Amitjit Amarji, the character of 'Abhishek Vibhuti'.

 a.  Ahmedabad
 * B.  Mumbai * 1
 C.  Delhi
 D. Vadodara

 Where was the first visit of Shri Rajchandra and Mahatma Gandhi?  *

 a.  Ahmedabad
 * B.  Mumbai * 1
 Porbandar d

 👉 * Is an adversary wrong?  *

 a.  Retired - Active
 B. Disadvantaged car advantages
 C slightly.  Pale
 * D The above three are correct

 Find the * misspellings.  *

 a.  Reflection
 B. Conference
 C.  Representative
 * D British * 3

 🎯 * Spelling Correct: - British *

 Find the * misspellings.  *

 A tiffin
 C. Blessings
 * D past *

 Itachi Spelling: - * Ex *

 👉 * Explain the meaning of the word 'Angatuk'.  *

 B.  Inspection
 * C.  Newly arrived * 1

 Find the * misspellings.  *

 A. Poverty
 B.  Advocate
 C. Nishith
 * D Chancellor * 1

 1 * Chancellor *

 Success * 'Success is not in the palm of life * *, *
 * The selected building is not on the map '*
 * Who is the creator of the above freedoms?  *

 a.  Ish shingle
 * B.  Barkat Virani 'Bapam' * 1
 C.  Aniruddha Brahmabhatt
 D Murali Thakor

 5 * Nickname of Befam ....... *

 A. Barkat Ali Sheikhdam Virani
 * B.  Barkat Ali Ghulam Hussein Virani * 1
 Si Barkat Ali Abdul Ali Wirani
 D. Baqat Ali Saaduddin Virani

 * * Who is Ghazal of 'Mansar Kom' and 'Pyaas'?

 A. Adil Mansouri
 Bee Guinea Yogurt
 * C.  Barkat Virani 'Bapam * 1'
 D. Shaikadam Abuwala

 👉 * 'Kimpy' * * Who is the anthology?  *

 A. Murli Thakor
 * B.  Aniruddha Brahmabhatta * 1
 D.  Rish Maniar

 3 * Who is named 'Unknown Unknown Station'?  *

 * a.  Aniruddha Brahmabhatta * 1
 B.  Murali Thakor
 D.  Rish Maniar

 3 * Which of the following statements about Joravar Singh Jadav is wrong?  *

 He is a native of Akru village in Joravar Singh Danubha Jadav Danduka taluka.

 B.  'Owning a horse' is his folklore.

 C.  His notable texts are 'Mardakumbhal Rang Chade', 'Our Artists', 'Mardai Head Saate' and 'Pearls of Folk Life'.

 * D. All three sentences above are correct

 5 * Which of the following pairs of words is incorrect for the following sentence?  *

 a.  Horse Position: - Dali

 B.  A belt around the abdomen of a horse: - Tight

 C.  Bracelet in which the horseman has put his foot: - Survive

 * D is not a bouncy, fast moving horse:

 E.  All of the above are appropriate.

 3 * Fast Horse Tips: Wind *

 1 * Cereals for horses, bulls, etc.: - Provision *

 Explain the meaning of the word '* mortgage *'.

 Remember that
 * B exact * 1
 C Tug
 D.  Connection

 Share * Share with your friends *
 Hello friends

 Where was Harilal Kanya, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, born?

 👉 Navsari, Gujarat

 Geeta Mittal has been made Chief Justice of which state's High Court?

 Jammu and Kashmir

 General Chat Chat Lounge  Union Home Minister

 Ura Rajinath Singh


 United Nations Human
 Council of rights

 📌 Established ••• March 3, 9

 📌 Headquarters ••• Geneva, Switzerland .and

 📌 President ••• Yojislav Suk

 📌 How many countries ••• ૪૭

 B Collaborative Organization ••• United Nations
 General Assembly.

 📌 United Nations Human Rights
 The Council (UNHRC) is a United Nations organization.

 📌 The aim is to promote and protect human rights worldwide.

 Recently its membership in the United States
 Out of the way.

 📌 UNHRC thrice a year
 Organizes regular sessions, March and June
 In September


 United Nations Educational,
 Sci .Cultural and Cultural

 📌 Founded ••• November 3, 9

 📌 Headquarters •••• Paris, France

 ડ Head DG ••• ••• Dre Ozli


 United Nations Children's Fund

 💥 Founded --- December 1, 2

 💥 Headquarters --- New York, United States

 --- President --- Torrey Hatterton

 March 9 Greeting UNICEF football player Messi
 Appointed Ambassador

 General Chat Chat Lounge  WHO

 World Health Organization

 🎯 Founded ••• April 1, 9

 🎯 Headquarters ••• Geneva, Switzerland .and

 🎯 Head DG ••• Tadros .Thanome

 1 UN

 United Nations

 🎯 Establishment --- October 1

 🎯 Headquarters --- New York City

 🎯 General Secretary --- Antonio Guterres

 Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit was the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Current Question

.#SEPTEMBER Current Quiz

 Which country will give India 5 million yups soft loan for Clean Ganga Mission?


 The Ganga Book Project was administered in a state government school.

 Uttar Pradesh
 Madhya Pradesh

 Adwa Tiger Reserve has launched a toll-free number to tackle human-animal conflicts.


 Indian Railways had contracted with which gas to use natural gas in the Aarelways workshop.


 A mill branch program was organized in one state.

 Andhra Pradesh
 Madhya Pradesh
 Uttar Pradesh

 The country's first state to announce student startups and innovation policies?


 In which state is the Ajodhwathar immigration point located?


 Donald Trump leaves which of the following organizations?


 The answer is all

 Will one bank adopt 4 flood-hit villages?


 The Essingfun Wildlife Sanctuary is currently declared a reserve for which animal?


 In which state is the Essenfun Wildlife Sanctuary located?

 Arunachal Pradesh

 Become an Elephant Reserve in Oklahoma?


 Eco Budapest Wins Gold in Organized World Youth Boxing Competition?

 Mary Com
 Witness Chowdhury
 Witness Malik
 Deepika Chowdhury

 How many non-resident Gujarati cards have been issued in Gujarat?


 From which state did Apindra Thakur village become a fully digital digital village?

 Uttar Pradesh✅

 Where has the State Bank of India revoked the Bhilwara Government Bank License?


 Who has not been given the Indian Humanitarian Development Award by Daily Bharat Media?

 Shah's Azmi
 Nandita Das
 Yuvraj Singh
 Anupam Kher

 In which state after Uttar Pradesh, the central government will launch a district, productive scheme.


 For which river did IWAI design India's first standard modern ship?


 World Coconut Day?

 September 3rd
 September 3rd
 September 3rd
 September 3rd

 Which country will partner with the Gujarat government for the Vibrant Gujarat Summit?


 7 year old National Museum in the country caught fire?

 South Africa

 Who has been honored with the Sony Yee Award?

 Sania Mirza
 PV Indus
 Sai Nehwal
 Manu bread

 Which country and India signed OM laundering and environmental protection agreements?


 With which sport did sportsman Arthur Pereira currently die?

 Tnis nis
 Table tennis
 Golf course

 Has a bank launched its e-facility for Army Giants in Bengal?


 In which state was the inauguration of a 5 kW transmitter by All India Radio?

 Jammu and Kashmir

 Did the ministry ask the media to use the term scheduled caste instead of the word Dalit?

 Policy Commission
 Foreign Ministry
 Ministry of Scheduled Caste Tribes
 Ministry of Information Broadcasting
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Important things about the Constitution of India

Important things about the Constitution of India
  The President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are three parts of all three parliaments.
 The executive, the legislature and the judiciary are the organs of administration.
 The President is the Constitutional Head.
The President is the head of all three armies.
 A prior approval of the President is required to introduce a financial bill.
 Parliament The President has the power to issue orders, declare a crisis in the country, and pardon the death sentence for criminals when Parliament is not running.
The Vice President is the Speaker of the Rajya Sabha.
Sabha is the lower and upper house of the Lok Sabha and the upper house of Parliament.
The maximum number of Lok Sabha members is 2 and the Rajya Sabha has a maximum of 2.
 The financial bill was first introduced in the Lok Sabha.
 Cabinet cabinet is responsible for the Lok Sabha.
 The Territ President has the power to legislate in relation to territorial powers.
  may be removed from office by the impeachment proceedings, the President, the Supreme Court Judge, the High Court Judge and the CAG.
  The President of India can use Pocket Vito power.
 1/3 of the Rajya Sabha members retire every two years.
The Rajya Sabha has the power to create a new administrative service cadre for the Center.
 The President appoints Prime Ministers and Ministers (as advised by the Prime Minister).
  If a motion of no-confidence is passed on one of the ministers, the Prime Minister will have to resign to the entire cabinet.
 Presidential elections are held by elected members of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly.
 If the Lok Sabha approves the proposal passed by the Rajya Sabha to remove the Vice-President from office, the Vice-President may be removed from office.
  Minimum age limit for assembly and Lok Sabha elections.  And the minimum age limit in the Legislative Council and Rajya Sabha is 5 years.
 Lok Sabha term is years and Rajya Sabha term is years.
 Controls the seats of the Lok Sabha and chairs the seats of both the Houses of Parliament.
 Sabha Lok Sabha Speaker and Vice-President Resign One Another
  After the dissolution of the Lok Sabha, the post of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha continues till the new Lok Sabha is elected.
  The Supreme Court and the High Court are defenders of the Constitution.
Parliament may amend the Constitution.
 A Supreme Court has the right to a judicial review.
 The Supreme Court is a record court.
 Justice may be sought in the High Court or the Supreme Court for infringement of constitutional fundamental rights.
 The President may appoint the Governor and remove him.
 The Governor is the Constitutional Head of the State.
  During the constitutional crisis, the governor manages the state on behalf of the president.
  The Governor appoints the Chief Minister and the Cabinet.
 Approval of the Governor is required to introduce a financial bill in the State Legislature.
The state legislature includes the governor, the legislature and the legislative council.
  The Governor has the power to call, postpone or dissolve the session of the State Legislature.
The Governor can forgive the offender but not the death sentence.
The maximum number of members of the state legislature is 1 and at least 2.
 Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Goa is the number of constituencies in Goa,
 The three lowest are Sikkim and most are from Uttar Uttar Pradesh.

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